Muta (2005)
Gatteo a Mare, IT - Competition

with Marco Ferrari, Matteo Ghidoni, Fabio Gigone, Giulia Marabini


Can a building react in real time to the natural mutation of the environment that surrounds it? Can an architectural object generate a continuous process of self-adaptation to the ecological dynamics in which it is located? Can the color of its envelope – from fixed decorative element – become the sensor of the slow, cyclical renovation of nature?

MUTA, designed for the valorization of the external image of OIKOS headquarters (firm of solvent-free paint systems), proposes a truly experimental approach to the question of color in architecture.
Interpreting the tradition of accurate studies about color and attention towards the environment, the project aims to produce a visible manifesto of the company’s philosophy and a step in the direction of the research. MUTA integrates nature and artificial as collaborating parts of a whole dynamic system. A decise landscape intervention amplify and marks the seasonal colour shift, developing crucial bio-climatic functions at the same time. A new pervasive network of distribution of colour climbs up the building facades and sprinkle them, drawing from the production plant.

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The skin of the building and the natural surroundings will be engaged in a continuous exchange of colour information. Facades will reveal in real time the micro-alterations of landscape, they will amplify and exhibit them through “tatoos” in continuous and unpredictable evolution at the scale of urban manufact. Already everywhere weak and diffused feedback systems regulate in real-time the environmental quality of the spaces of our daily life. For the first time colour, too, can be subjected to such a treatment. OIKOS reveals this opportunity. OIKOS MUTA.

functioning scheme


perspective view