n Variations (2006)
International Workshop - Pola, HR

with Matteo Ghidoni and Annapaola Busnardo, Ludovico Centis, Marco Ferrari, Fabio Gigone, Laura Pante, Giovanni Piovene, Mette Ravnkilde Nielsen


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Can fiction be one of the constituing elements of the urban project? Can the videoclip’s production be part of a territory’s transforming process? In occasion of the International Design Workshop "Katarina 06", held in Pula (Croatia) during the second week of May 2006, we extended the video’s intrinsic possibilities as a knowing instrument, till making it a structural part of the design itself about the identity of a place which is always been a “border territory” and which risks to be devoured by a negative turistic model today.

The five videos produced (Sitting on a Cliff - Kicking the Edge - Riding the Gap - Battlefield - Autotransfusion) are to be seen in streaming visiting the
n-variations mini site .

Update: After being exhibited in Zagreb, Ljubljana and Istanbul, the results of the international workshop "KW06" (among which appears the project n Variations), arrived in Venice on the 17th december 2007 for a short exhibition.

"Katarina '06" is a project conceived and developed by Pulska Grupa, with the intention of promoting to the Istrian institutions and to the local population the opportunity of a different type and methods for urban pianification, closer to people's participation, specially in those demilitarized areas of the Istria's coasts, nowadays under the global threat of élite tourism.
"Katarina '06" will represent Croatia at the XIII Biennial of Young Mediterranean Artists, which will open in Bari in May 2008.

sitting on a cliff 

kicking the edge 

riding the gap