Landing everywhere
Venice Biennale
9th International Architecture Exhibition
12.09.2004 - 18.09.2004

with Michele Brunello, Matteo Ghidoni

assistants: Vladimir Kusmin, Vlad Savinkin

collaborators: Stefano Baseggio, Ekaterina Golovatiuk, Fernando Lua Silva, Katarzyna Teodorczuk

students Svetlana Aksionova (Tiumen), Sergei Golubev (Tiumen), Evgeny Zhabreev (Tiumen), Anton Rakov (Samara), Alexander Alexandrov (Samara), Maria Gulieva (Moscow), Anton Kochurkin (Moscow), Alexandra Vasilieva (Khabarovsk), Artem Gorkovenko (Khabarovsk), Natalia Sukhova (St. Petersburg)

Lecture Stefano Boeri


The workshop questioned different aspects and dimension of air transfert through the observation of space-time discontinuity. A particular attention was paid to the topic of “temporary domesticity” experienced during the trip. The participants were not asked to design buildings but to identify and elaborate some problems that one faces when moving fast from a place to another.

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Everybody, after having chosen and illustrated one of the specific conditions affecting the trip, produced a series of conceptual models that precised the sphere of experimentation.
The participants’ trip from Russia to Venezia was the main source of datas and materials. The trip was documented by the participants themselves. The program of the week was not planned on a series of pre-ordered steps but implemented on the base of the outcomes of each phase. The final result was consequently varying in range from the definition of micro-devices to complex territorial planning.

Air stop
[TYUMEN, 58° 00' N - 68° 00' E]
Svetlana Aksenova

Stops for airplane are to be located above central highways in city centers. These structures will be easily accessible from the ground thanks to vertical-communication systems.

Helicopter parking
[KRASNOYARSK, 58° 30' N - 94° 00' E]
Yevgeny Zhabrev

A new type of urban greenery will consist of an enormous structure, the branches of which will be helicopter landing pads. The city will become a park planted with such artificial trees.

Air for observation
[TEGENEKLI, 44° 00' N - 44° 00' E]
Pavel Smertyuk

A san alternative form of air transport, airships create a new relationship with landscape, giving rise to new way of tourism and new ways of seeing tourist sights.

Sheremetievo II - New entertainment
[MOSKOW, 56° 00' N - 37° 30' E]
Aleksandra Vasil’eva

The problem of long waits in airports and consequent waste of time is to be solved by creating new functional spaces and radical changes in airports’ interior structures.

Entertainment airlines
[UDACHNYY, 67° 00' N - 110° 00' E]
Nataliya Sukhova

Airlines will bring leisure activity to the cities and towns of Siberia, which are so cut off from cultural life, and will lead to temporary urbanization of the country’s neglected backwood.

Flying bag
[SAMARA, 53° 00' N - 50° 00' E]
Aleksandr Aleksandrov

Multi-tier baggage checks and the loss of time that these involve make it inconvenient to fly. A network of baggage-collection points links to airports for passengers travelling light.

[OYMYAKON, 63° 00' N - 142° 30' E]
Anton Kochurkin

This project solves transport problem arising due to a country’s extreme size. Located under aerodromes, town-fields will have no need of any other communications. The town will develop downwards, while its even upper surface will become its symbol.

Roads off
[EMBAEVO, 55° 00' N - 72° 00' E]
Sergey Golubev

A project for a kind of transport link never before seen in Russia: an air link to every home. This calls for the development of a new type of house specially adapted for this function.

Landing surfaces
[KOMAROVO, 62° 00' N - 38° 30' E]
[ANAPA, 47° 00' N - 37° 30' E]
[PETROPAVLOVSK-KAM., 54° 00' N - 157° 30' E]
[SANKT PETERSBURG | 59° 60' N - 30° 20' E]
Mariya Gulieva

This project responds to the need for small airports in remote areas of Russia. The airport complex is “reduced” to a landing surface that reacts to the surrounding landscape.

[VORONEZH, 48° 00' N - 41° 00' E]
[KOMSOMOL'SK-ON'AMUR, 48° 00' N - 135° 00' E]
Anton Rakov

This is an air-highway which will be travelled by a large airplane. The latter will be able to link up with other smaller craft in the air. The large airplane (mother ship) will serve as a flying airport. New infrastructure will be built on the ground along its route.