Cirillo Store (2005)
Pescara, IT

with Giancarlo Petrecca


This project faces the theme of turning a former workshop into a shop of motorcycle accessories.
The existing building consists of two adjoining structures separated by a wall, though communicating by two small openings, and each covered by a low barrel vault whose longitudinal axis is parallel to the street, on which the main façade looks onto.
The two parts of the building were previously used as a warehouse one and as a workshop the other. Moreover, inside the part facing the street, it was built a small block on two levels, meant for the administrative offices necessary to run the business. The access to the building is through five big industrial gates open on the street.
Besides the building’s total restore, the work is mainly focused on the re-thinking the structure closer to the street. A double-height space room of enamelled white iron has been built in order to have more space to put the merchandise on display; it has been added
a large curved window, put in the back than the main façade in a way to get a small pedestrian arcade; it has been placed a pvc suspended ceiling which is necessary because of building rules; a few walls have been rebuilt to share both the space of display and retail and to grant the means of transport’s access to the warehouse in the back; all the finishing touches (frames, glasses, railings) have been redesigned and changed; finally a new counter has been designed and the area to sell the accesories has been equipped with displays on the walls and small glass show-cases.
The backward building has been emptied out, restored and used as a warehouse.
Outside instead, besides the new color choosen for the gates, the façade has been paint with a “Alucobond” brush stroke in support of the sign and of the commercial promotion’s spaces.